Aquarium - 60x30 cm
Fantasy - 165x85 cm
Frontier - 200x80cm
Obsession - 165x85 cm

The artist Daniel Ragusitu is the exponent of the new aesthetic values and trends within the Romanian painting evolution. The simpler his paintings are, the more expressive they become for they are alive through colour and transparency. The painter uses mixed techniques by applying gold and silver foils that outline shiny surfaces and empathize to path towards the abstract art.
Instead of being shocking, it conveys calm and harmony. In his paintings, Daniel Ragusitu approaches a plastic discourse that includes tales resulted from a collage of shapes and colours.

Abstract and at the same time figurative, Daniel Ragusitu’s work is appealing by the strong colours used and the open geometry, by elements that seem to be suspended on an incandescent background.

The artist’s paintings can be accessed on-line. The virtual gallery includes oil paintings, oil paintings on canvas, graphic and sculpture works of art.

Exhibition 'DESIRE' - Poster
Exhibition 'DESIRE' - painting exhibition Poster
90x90x90cm, acrylic on canvas
Eye II
90x90x90cm, acrylic on canvas
90x90x90cm, acrylic on canvas
140x115cm, acrylic on canvas
Suspendet object
133x65cm, acrylic on canvas
Triptic III
70x60cm, acrylic on canvas
Triptic II
70x60cm, acrylic on canvas
Triptic I
70x60cm, acrylic on canvas
Location II
170x140cm, acrylic on canvas